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Entrepreneurship development ebook is prepared as per the new and latest syllabus of UGC NET Management and MBA BBA. Entrepreneurial development today has become very significant in management discipline; in view of its being a key to economic development. The objectives of industrial development, regional growth, and employment generation depend upon entrepreneurial development.

The ebook for Entrepreneurship Development is described with MCQs.  Entrepreneurs are, thus, the seeds of industrial development and the fruits of industrial development are greater employment opportunities to unemployed youth, increase in per capita income, the higher standard of living and increased individual saving, revenue to the government in the form of income tax, sales tax, export duties, import duties, and balanced regional development.

Entrepreneurship Development Notes (UGC NET Management) – Table of Contents:

Chapter No. Title Page No.
1 Entrepreneurship Development  –  Concept, Types, Theories and Process 3-11
2 Developing Entrepreneurial Competencies 12-16
3 Intrapreneurship – Concept and Process 17-19
4 Women Entrepreneurship and Rural Entrepreneurship 20-28
5 Innovations in Business  –  Types  of Innovations, Creating and Identifying Opportunities, Screening of Business Ideas 29-34
6 Business Plan and Feasibility Analysis  –  Concept and Process of Technical, Market and Financial Analysis 35-40
7 Micro and Small Scale Industries in India; Role of Government in Promoting SSI 41-51
8 Sickness in Small Industries – Reasons and Rehabilitation 52-56
9 Institutional Finance to Small Industries  –  Financial Institutions, Commercial Banks, Cooperative Banks, Micro Finance. 57-65
  MCQs 66-76

Note: Entrepreneurship Development  Notes are also beneficial and suitable for MBA and BBA Students and syllabus. 

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