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The Financial Management and accounting ebook are prepared and written afresh as per the latest syllabus and curriculum of financial accounting, UGC NET Management, MBA, M.COM, BBA, & B.COM. The ebook includes all basic concepts as define in management and commerce disciplines. It is best and suitable for all the students of  UGC NET Management, BBA, B.COM, MBA & M.COM.

Financial and Accounting Contents:

Chapter No. Topic Page No.
1 Accounting Principles and Standards 3-8
2 Financial Statement Analysis –Vertical,  Horizontal and Ratio  Analysis, 9-15
3 Funds Flow and Cash Flow Analysis, DuPont Analysis 16-27
4 Preparation of Cost Sheet, Marginal Costing, Cost Volume Profit Analysis 28-33
5 Standard Costing & Variance Analysis 34-56
6 Financial Management – Concept & Functions 57-65
7 Capital Structure – Theories, Cost of Capital, Sources, and Finance 66-71
8 Budgeting and Budgetary Control – Types and Process, Zero base Budgeting 72-79
9 Leverages – Operating, Financial and Combined Leverages, EBIT–EPS Analysis, Financial Breakeven Point & Indifference Level 80-92
MCQs 1-11



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