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In this ebook, 2 subjects are included one is business statistics and another one is Operations Research. In this unit 8 of UGC NET Management ebook, we have covered the whole syllabus in these notes of business statistics and operations research.

Business Statistics and Operations Research (UGC NET Management) Notes:

Chapter No. Title Page No.
1 Measures of central tendency 3-8
2 Measures of dispersion 9-11
3 Measures of skewness 12-14
4 Correlation and regression of two variables 15-28
5 Probability: Approaches to probability; Bayes’ theorem 29-37
6 Probability distributions: Binomial, Poisson and normal distributions 38-42
7 Research: Concept and types; Research designs 43-49
8 Data: Collection and classification of data 50-52
9 Sampling and estimation: Concepts;  Methods of sampling  –  probability and non-probability methods;  Sampling  distribution; Central  limit theorem; Standard error; Statistical estimation 53-60
10 Hypothesis testing: z-test; t-test; ANOVA; Chi–square  test; Mann-Whitney  test (Utest); Kruskal-Wallis test (H-test); Rank correlation test 61-72
11 Report writing 73-76
12 Introduction To Operations Management: Role and Scope 77-83
13 Facility Location and Layout: Site Selection and Analysis, Layout  –  Design and Process 84-92
14 Enterprise Resource Planning – ERP Modules, ERP implementation 93-99
15 Scheduling; Loading, Sequencing and Monitoring 100-106
16 Total Quality Management Notes: Quality Management and Statistical Quality Control, Quality Circles 107-121
17 KAIZEN, Benchmarking, Six Sigma; ISO 9000 Series Standards 122-132
18 Operation Research: Transportation, Queuing Decision Theory, PERT / CPM 133-181
MCQs 182-190



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