Today we have released our new  Android App version 2.0 for EasyNotes4U download on Google Play store.

In this newly released version of EasyNotes4U 2.0 we have updated following new features in our App on Google Play:

  1. New User Interface
  2. Easy Navigation
  3. Online eBook reading feature
  4. Track the progress of your reading, how much % you have completed your book.
  5. Author Registration, Now other authors and writers can also publish their books online.
  6. Authors royalty and sales tracker dashboard.
  7. Reader dashboard with all details of purchasing, orders, books, and other account details.
  8. Online Groups and forums for discussion with other users
  9. Unit-wise ebooks
  10. Complete Study Material Package
  11. Online Courses

Click Below to download our newly released Android App version EasyNotes4U 2.0 download on Google Play Store

Download Our Android App EasyNotes4U 2.0 on Google Play Store New Released